Standards and Regulatory Workgroup

Shaping Future Standards

The Standards and Regulatory Workgroup represents the ODCA with standards development organizations (SDOs) and regulators. This workgroup is responsible for ensuring that standards writers hear the voice of ODCA members. We prioritize engagement with the organizations that are most in line with ODCA’s mission. The workgroup determines how ODCA requirements identify gaps in standards and regulatory policies and then engages various organizations to address these gaps through formal collaborations.

This Standards and Regulatory Workgroup is comprised of business leaders in the cloud computing arena. Membership in the Standards and Regulatory Workgroup strengthens your credibility in the industry and provides a central point of focus for engagement across a wealth of organizations.

Cloud Expert Networks

The Cloud Expert Network provides the technical knowledge needed by the Standards and Regulatory Workgroup. Help shape the future of cloud computing standards by getting involved. Learn more about the Cloud Expert Network.