Opportunities for Engagement

If you are seeking an opportunity to accelerate your cloud strategy, ODCA offers excellent opportunities to learn from expert peers. You can start by visiting our Ask an Expert Forum and by downloading requirements and best practice documents from our library.

When you are ready for training from ODCA experts, seek out our upcoming and archived flash seminars and ODCA Forecast conference presentation archives. Presentations from the drafters of ODCA usage models provide a detailed walk-through of tips to putting these requirements into practice.

Further resources include proof of concepts (POCs) provided by ODCA members as well as regular blog posts by members.

The ODCA workgroups leverage the strengths of key experts and organizations. They accelerate cloud computing adoption by focusing on key areas in the marketplace. Read more about our workgroups and get involved.

For a deeper engagement, consider joining our Cloud Expert Network. Members engage with peers in our field and have the opportunity to contribute to the work of ODCA workgroups.

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Bring your organization to the next step in adopting cloud computing with our usage models and best-practice papers. Leverage combined industry experience with our webcasts and videos. Engage with our network of experts and share your success story.


Build complete RFPs and find solution providers that meet your requirements. Read more about our members. Take advantage of our tools to guide your deployment process. Work with us to align solutions and services with our requirements and deliver the next level of offerings to our members.


Influence the industry standards that will shape future product offerings by joining the ODCA in promoting openness and interoperability. Strengthen our voice in the industry and collaborate toward a shared goal.


Drive the next generation of cloud computing standards and solutions. We encourage the continued acceleration of cloud computing and invite you to join our Cloud Expert Network to share your insight on cutting edge adoption best practices, and become a contributor member to help us evolve and create our usage models.