Collaborate: Informing Future Standards

Join fellow ODCA members in being the voice of the ODCA to industry organizations. We actively work to accelerate the adoption of interoperable solutions for cloud computing by collaborating with organizations focused on the data center, including standards development organizations (SDOs), regulatory groups, and other industry organizations with a common scope of focus. Help us develop and push new industry standards that encourage open cloud computing models and greater interoperability.

Existing Collaborations

The ODCA works closely with organizations active in the data center. We are excited to be collaborating with these industry leaders. Learn More Read collaboration papers written jointly by the ODCA and industry leaders in cloud computing. We work with industry leaders to develop a common set of principles for consistent capabilities and service levels across multiple providers.

Get Involved

Join the Standards and Regulatory Workgroup and work closely with SDOs and regulators to improve industry standards. Promote openness and interoperability in cloud computing.