Business Strategy Enabled by Cloud Rev 1.0

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) recognizes and strongly promotes the need for organizations to develop a clear, well-defined, and well-communicated cloud strategy for their business units. The ODCA has identified various dimensions that we recommend be addressed in such a strategy. These dimensions are mostly encapsulated within the ODCA Cloud Maturity Model (CMM). On its own, though, the CMM is not sufficient. A written strategy must also be articulated, which is specific to a business and aligns to the organization’s unique business objectives and strategic and operational requirements.

This document represents a usage model for guiding the creation of a business strategy enabled by cloud-based services. It identifies the key considerations that should be taken into account when developing a business strategy for cloud adoption and business transformation.

This document serves a variety of audiences. Business decision makers looking for specific frameworks and enterprise IT groups involved in planning, operations, and procurement will find this document useful. Solution providers and technology vendors will benefit from its content to better understand customer needs and tailor product and service offerings. Standards organizations will find the information helpful in defining standards that are open and relevant to end users.

A number of key areas are identified in this document. An organization’s cloud strategy should adequately address these areas, always in the context of the actual business, its practical needs, and the strategic positioning of the business. Each section identifies some of the important concepts, considerations, and typical approaches or methods potentially applicable in that category.

By defining a cloud strategy that comprehensively addresses these areas of cloud adoption and integration, the result should be a referenceable document that is useful to pragmatically guide the various organizational units and projects in setting priorities, making decisions, and selecting options and solutions to challenges.

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