Openness vs Open Source

Decoding “Open” Source Technology

The term “open” now has many different meanings as applied to today’s technology. This broader list of definitions can be problematic and create confusion for IT professionals.

We will take a look at what open source really means, differentiate that term from the open solution, and in the process, decode the varying uses of “open” in the...

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Align Cloud Strategy to Business Goals

Successful cloud adoption requires a cloud strategy, and one of the foundations of creating a good strategy is aligning IT to business goals. The most recent Rightscale survey of IT professionals indicated that, of the organizations with a cloud strategy, 82% now prefer a hybrid model.

But as recently as 2011, only 37% of...

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Cloud Decision: Migrate, Integrate, or Deal With It

Choose the right approach for how your organization deals with disparate cloud solutions.

When an organization is faced with an overwhelming menu of contrasting cloud solutions, it can choose migration, integration, or the status quo. With cloud systems now considered a necessity even by IT industry traditionalists, leaving IT systems is less and less frequently the best choice.

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Join ODCA for Digital Forecast and Accelerate Speed to Value from Cloud

Register for interactive panels, webinars and exclusive, online workshops on Cloud Maturity Model, Hybrid IT Transformation, IoT, Data Center Strategy, SDN, NFV and more

July 7, 2016 – (Portland, Oregon). The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) today announced its Forecast series of digital events with subject matter experts across a broad range of critical IT, operations and business topics.

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Responding to Shadow IT Cloud Implementation

Shadow IT results when business units within an organization implement an IT solution without the approval or knowledge of a central IT department. Unsupported technology can present a myriad of issues for an organization. The challenge for enterprises is recognizing the presence of shadow IT and responding to it appropriately.

What is Shadow IT?

Traditionally, shadow IT is considered to be...

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Register for Webinar: Accelerating Speed to Cloud, July 19

Join Gunnar Menzel on Tuesday, July 19 at 1:00 EDT, 5:00 UTC, as he shares perspectives on how organizations can accelerate the delivery of value from cloud investments. From DevOps and Lego-based infrastructure to Hybrid IT and real-world examples. Menzel will address the importance of proven, open frameworks to drive short- and long-term value.

Webinar: Accelerating Speed to Cloud

When:  July 19,

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Cloud Maturity Model – Understanding Domains and Capabilities

The ODCA Cloud Maturity Model  (CMM) helps an enterprise evaluate and plan the adoption of cloud and hybrid IT by dividing it up into distinct domains. The CMM domains are identified by two primary capability areas: technical and nontechnical. Each capability area encompasses a set of appropriate domains such as finance, governance, and portfolio management.

We will explore...

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Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing Hybrid IT

The path to successfully implementing hybrid IT brings challenges to the enterprise.  In a world that is more and more data-intensive, IT infrastructure needs to support processes, personnel, and customers across every element of an enterprise. Successful implementation brings an organization efficiency, flexibility and scalability, but getting there requires careful planning and an educated approach.

Hybrid IT, deploying applications and...

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Steve Carter Podcast: Research Insights into Cloud Strategy, Adoption

The “Above the Clouds” podcast explores cloud computing shaped by open standards and real-world best practices.

In this episode, Steve Carter, Vice President of 451 Research Enterprise Advisory Services, talks about major roadblocks along the journey towards enterprise cloud enlightenment. He delves into cloud adoption strategy, from both a practitioner and researcher point of view. Explaining how he sees the best approach to a reorganization...

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Moving Up the Maturity Scale in the Cloud Maturity Model

The ODCA Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) helps an enterprise build a clear road map toward fully integrating cloud and hybrid IT. The CMM assessment process  pinpoints an enterprise’s level of cloud adoption and uses that as a starting point for the journey to further development.

Through five levels of awareness and adoption, the CMM identifies a baseline...

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