DevOps Magnifying Business Value

Businesses must be agile and capable of speeding products to market. Technology leaders are under constant pressure to innovate cost effectively while ensuring best-in-class quality.

Although not a new concept, DevOps is the latest trend to address inefficiencies that result from keeping operations and development in separate silos. By connecting development and operations, enterprise IT departments can begin to break down the walls. DevOps defines a set of roles and responsibilities focused on reducing risk in IT deployments and projects. The result is maximized automation, elimination of human error, increased consistency, and reduced time spent on the outages, as well as error detection and prevention brought about by unstable environments.

This white paper outlines the ODCA perspective on the DevOps concept, focusing on key challenges it can help resolve and the benefits it can provide.

Mark Your Calendars for Free DevOps Webinar on January 27, 2016

The ODCA will host a free DevOps webinar with Gunnar Menzel, President of ODCA and Chief Architect with Capgemini Infra. Register at

Listen to DevOps Podcast Interview

The “Above the Clouds” podcast explores cloud computing shaped by open standards and real-world best practices with a who’s who of global IT executives. In this episode, Gunnar Menzel braks down the philosophy of DevOps andhow it fits into current IT, operational and business strategy. Learn how to overcome implementation challenges to drive agility, quality and innovtion within legacy IT and cloud investments, process and staff. Menzel outlines how cloud technology can help to automate deployments.

Listen to the podcast or search Above the Clouds in iTunes or Google Play.

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