Cloud Maturity Model Rev. 3.0

The Cloud Maturity Model 3.0 addresses the maturity of an IT organization’s business and technology capabilities in specific domains and across cloud service models, such as Software as a Service (SaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Database as a Service (DBaaS); Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS); Information-as a Service and others.

The objective of the CMM is to help enterprises:

  • Evaluate where its IT organization stands in its ability to adopt and integrate cloud services
  • Benchmark its IT organization against other industry adopters of cloud
  • Build a custom roadmap for their organization towards establishing more effective Hybrid IT – integrating cloud services to improve, not just change, their IT offering and aligned to their specific needs and objectives.

After assessing its organizational maturity level, IT and operational teams can use the CMM to identify specific elements that are necessary to achieve desired improvements. These elements include operational processes and best practices, which are independent of hardware and software decisions. In many cases, such elements are missing from IT organizational practices, so the CMM helps IT and operational professionals develop a practical roadmap to achieve the desired benefits.

Public- and private-sector organizations have used the ODCA’s CMM to guide wide-scale implementations including the selection of cloud solutions and services. Many forward-thinking vendors integrate ODCA best practices into product and service roadmaps to support open standards and interoperability.

Download Free CMM 3.0 Executive Overview

The ODCA offers the CMM 3.0 Executive Overview as a complementary download for members and non-members. Click the “Download” link and image on this page to access the Executive Overview pdf.

New Usage Model, Analysis Questionnaire Resources

ODCA continues to expand the Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) content library with the newly published Usage Models and CMM Analysis Questionnaire.

IT organizations can use the comprehensive usage models and assessment tools to create an actionable roadmap towards a hybrid IT environment that aligns people, process and technology with specific technology and business outcomes.

Both the Usage Model and Analysis Questionnaire are available at the ODCA Store.

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Watch ODCA Webinar On-Demand

Hear from key contributors to the CMM. These technology and business executives represent global, enterprise IT organizations who are on the leading-edge of cloud adoption and organizational maturity.

  • Ryan Skipp, System Architect, T-Systems
  • William Dupley, Cloud Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Brett Philp, Senior Technical Manager for Cloud, Cirba Inc

Watch on-demand

Listen, Download “Above the Clouds” Podcast 

Ryan Skipp, Co-Chair of the ODCA Business Work Group and System Architect for T-Systems, was a recent guest on the “Above the Clouds” podcast. Skipp talked about the evolution of the Cloud Maturity Model and how the adoption successes and failures of ODCA members have guided the development of a clear set of objectives, a proven framework and roadmap for IT organizations.


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