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How Does Your Enterprise Make Use of the Cloud? As the Cloud Transforms Business, Subscribing to the Cloud Maturity Model Maximizes IT Value.

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It’s not so straightforward, is it? For the large enterprise, new cloud technologies offer the promise of agility, cost control, and expanded features, but they also present new risks to security, vendor lock-in, and performance.

Many enterprise deployments have been ad-hoc over the first decade of cloud services, and the results have been mixed.

Members of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) have defined how to successfully leverage IaaS, PaaS, and other solutions. These experts have created a set of tools that help enterprise IT organizations develop a cloud deployment plan focused on specific business outcomes.

The intent is to define and target the IT systems of the future that best serve business unit needs.

Granular Understanding of Your Status and Goals

In 2016, the ODCA Business Transformation Workgroup released the Cloud Maturity Usage Model 3 (CMM 3.0). It builds upon ODCA work on cloud maturity modeling dating back to 2011.

The CMM 3.1 is more than a diagnostic tool. It is a lever that can drive action, transforming the enterprise.

The CMM 3.1 does not identify a maturity status for the entire organization. Instead, users are able to determine the maturity of each domain, such as compliance, business process, and procurement.

Driven by Business Requirements

Companies struggle when cloud technologies are adopted in an ad-hoc manner without a larger strategic vision. The CMM 3.1 guides maturity by identifying the maturity level for each domain that will achieve business goals.

The Tools to Get There

After identifying the maturity level that achieves business goals, you can identify and fill gaps. Once they have been clearly identified, gaps in governance, process, or staff skill sets can be quantified and resolved.

The ongoing work of the ODCA includes the Hybrid IT Roadmap and Needs Analysis Questionnaire. These constantly updated tools drive transformation of the organization. They will continually be made available to ODCA members and Subscribers to the Cloud Maturity Model 3.1.

CMM Delivers Minimum of $50,000 in Immediate Value

ODCA members report that it would cost between $50,000 and $75,000 to have a comparable team of experts to create this type of tool-kit for a single client. Because the ODCA brings together enterprise IT professionals, solution providers and consultants in an open, “no sale” environment, the CMM can be applied in any company.

Subscribers and Members Receive Ongoing Cloud Maturity Support

ODCA members receive all of the products of the ODCA work groups, at no additional cost. Learn about membership.

Not interested in a membership? No problem. Buy a CMM subscription to access current resources and new items added over the life of this version.

ODCA Cloud Maturity Model Tools

Members continue to add best-practices and new perspectives to the CMM resources, which increases the timeliness and relevance of the tools. Currently, subscribers have access to tools that include:

  • Cloud Maturity Usage Model 3.1
  • Hybrid Cloud Roadmap
  • Needs Analysis Templates
  • Self-Assessment Guides

Commitment to Growth

We know that cloud capabilities are going to impact each and every IT department. They already are. ODCA believes that IT departments need to be able to expertly direct their organization as cloud technologies become available. With ODCA tools in hand, organizations can develop intelligent strategies that maximize the value of the cloud.

ODCA Cloud Maturity Model: From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be
Get informed: Read the Cloud Maturity Model Executive Summary.


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