Cloud Maturity Model Subscription

A CMM Subscription provides guidance, expertise, and proven process for organizations adopting cloud services.
With this 3.1 update to ODCA’s Cloud Maturity Model (CMM), the Usage Model and evaluation tools (spreadsheet) are greatly expanded to address a wider range of both usage domains and organizational process needs. To learn more about the CMM and the available tools, view our Executive Summary.

Reduce the Cost of Implementation
ODCA members report that it would cost between $50,000 and $75,000 to have a comparable team of experts to create this type of tool-kit for a single client. Because the ODCA brings together enterprise IT professionals, solution providers and consultants in an open, “no sale” environment, the expert knowledge within the CMM applies to any enterprise that is evaluating cloud solutions.


Question: What do I get for the $1,600?
Answer: You get the ongoing expertise of the Open Data Center Alliance. For the life of the CMM, you will have access to relevant content that supports, refines, and extends the CMM usage model. The full Usage Model is provided, not just the Executive Summary. The supporting Excel spreadsheet is also included, providing all of the control questions per domain for all domains, with recommended outcomes per maturity level.

Question: Is there anything else I will be able to get?
Answer: During 2016 the Workgroup of ODCA member company representatives that created the CMM is working on a set of detailed Process Guides and slide decks to support consultants in both using the CMM and in using its outputs to create a Hybrid IT Roadmap. As these are completed they will be added to the CMM package and the ODCA will notify you of their availability.

Question: How does the CMM help me to develop a Hybrid Cloud Roadmap?
Answer: By taking the results per domain of all the requirements at that maturity level, the consultant is able to identify the gaps between the target level needed to enable a particular use case, and the current state, and create a series of closure activities at people, process, and technology levels. From these gaps they can define a series of projects and project mandates with some resource requirements, for purposes of planning the journey to enable the desired Use Case(s) for the business.

Question: What is the benefit of the CMM?
Answer: The CMM helps an organization holistically plan and gain visibility of the areas they should consider addressing in order to achieve delivery of specific Use Cases and thereby achieve expected cloud benefits. With this visibility, they can decide in an informed manner where to invest. In addition, they can evaluate various approaches, offerings, and products available in a more informed way.