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Hybrid IT Barriers and Challenges

Cloud computing has risen in the data center world and proposes to be an answer to many traditional IT challenges. These include improved time to market, leveraging open innovation, shared / community development, agility, increased availability, avoiding costs for expanding infrastructure and facilities, and aligning IT costs more directly...

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Cloud Maturity Model 3.1 Package

How Does Your Enterprise Make Use of the Cloud? As the Cloud Transforms Business, Subscribing to the Cloud Maturity Model Maximizes IT Value.

Learn about the CMM 3.1

It’s not so straightforward, is it? For the large enterprise, new cloud technologies offer the promise of agility, cost control, and expanded...

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Utilizing Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Business Agility and IT Efficiency

In this white paper, Intel IT outlines its effort to strategically transform data centers and accelerate application delivery. The team used design best practices to create a cloud application program. The resulting platform as a service (PaaS) makes it easier to create, deploy and manage web and mobile applications. The...

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BMW Group IT Cloud Adoption Story

“BMW Group: Cloud Adoption Story” is a case study about the BMW Group’s evolution towards a private cloud to automate the provisioning of infrastructure.

For more than four years, automaker BMW Group IT department used various iterations of cloud computing but then set up its own private cloud for the automatic...

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Cloud Maturity Model Rev. 3.0

The Cloud Maturity Model 3.0 addresses the maturity of an IT organization’s business and technology capabilities in specific domains and across cloud service models, such as Software as a Service (SaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Database as a Service (DBaaS); Integration...

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DevOps Magnifying Business Value

Businesses must be agile and capable of speeding products to market. Technology leaders are under constant pressure to innovate cost effectively while ensuring best-in-class quality.

Although not a new concept, DevOps is the latest trend to address inefficiencies that result...

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An Enterprise Perspective on Cloud Innovation

Andy Brown of UBS provides “An Enterprise Perspective on Cloud Innovation”

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Big Data Panel: ODCA Forecast 2012

Panel session on “Big Data” and Cloud

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Considering the Cloud?: 5 Points to Remember

Presentation by Petteri Uljas from Capgemini on key points to evaluating cloud implementations

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Rapid Fire Panel #1: Cloud Security

Panel session on Cloud Security

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