Information as a Service (InfoaaS) is a major advancement in managing enterprise data. As Big Data and cloud computing exponentially increase the amount and types of available data, the time that businesses have to translate this data into real-time information has become compressed. Organizations are turning to InfoaaS for standardized methods to create, manage, exchange, and extract meaningful information. With InfoaaS, enterprise information services are available for consumption by any application. High-quality solutions address the technical barriers and time constraints of sharing data between systems.

Benefits of InfoaaS

Moving from traditional data management models to InfoaaS can seem like an unreachable ideal. Making all data sources available, consistent, and consumable across a large enterprise is a daunting goal. The requirements and best practices ODCA has created make adoption of enterprise-wide cloud data services a plausible reality. Read the ODCA InfoaaS Master Usage Model to learn how to build a corporate strategy and begin structuring an RFP for InfoaaS solutions.

Since InfoaaS makes enterprise data sources more available and consumable, data security becomes a critical issue. ODCA members have worked together to understand the data security challenges facing InfoaaS deployments with the Data Security Framework.

Data security for cloud services requires a new approach and carefully chosen solutions. It is particularly vital to InfoaaS solutions because of the scope of enterprise data involved.

Read more about ODCA’s requirements for cloud security.

Explore ODCA documents on InfoaaS to learn more


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